Pair 23: Henry Byrne and Ayda Rose

Henry Byrne


I’m 34 and I live in the Netherlands. I grew up in the UK but I am now a Irish national. I am a visual artist who works in paint/ installations.

I am interested in memory and destruction as a form of creation, because I think it’s more of an accurate way to see the world.

Ayda Rose

Olympia, Washington

Ayda Rose is a self-educated artist and illustrator from the East Coast, currently loving life and creating art in the Pacific Northwest. Her resident gallery is located in Olympia, Wa and she enjoys participating in exhibitions up and down the west coast.

Ayda enjoys exploring digitally with dynamic compositions and dramatic color palettes before creating pieces in various mediums, with an emphasis on acrylic paint. Her work is an inspired exploration of nature, culture, and symbolism with an aesthetic influenced by traditional Japanese art, comics, and graphic design.