Pair 18: Biligt Enkhtaivan and Michelle Muldrow

Biligt Enkhtaivan

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Born in 1988 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, has graduated Central Academy of Beijing as an architectural designer. Works as a designer and freelance printmaking artist.

I work in my own unique technique of painting which is mixing printmaking techniques with other mediums and materials. I try to question the meaning of existence, mysteries of life, the time, the truth, the creation and I show my own feelings and impressions about these subjects through my artworks.

Michelle Muldrow

Portland, Oregon, United States

Michelle Muldrow is a painter and singer/songwriter. Born on a military base in Oklahoma, Muldrow has lived throughout the United States and is very happy to call Portland,Oregon home.

Michelle Muldrow is a painter whose work focuses on the experience of landscape. Her work explores history, aesthetic philosophy, the environment and home and how those relationships influence our perception of where we live and who we are in the world we are surrounded by.