Pair 17: Sing-Tong Liu and Musa Jaman

Sing-Tong Liu


Sing-Tong Liu is an abstract artist from Taiwan who makes people observe the reality of sensation through her works.

“When I looked at my painting, I was in a great chaos, feeling contradictory and entangled. That kind of love and pain. ”

Musa Jaman

Portland OR, USA

Musa is a self taught artist hailing from the Pacific Northwest whose primary inspirations come from the beauty of nature, ancient mythologies and an infatuation with science. An adventurous spirit, Musa takes particular pleasure in pushing boundaries to deeply examine the unseen forces that affect our perceptions.

My work is meant to convey the beauty and subtleties of nature while invoking a sense of connection to the “universal breath”. Adaptations of ancient mythology inspire the contrasting nature of symbolic metaphors against a plain of abstract landscape invoking primal emotions.