Pair 8: Amna Manzoor and Cathleen Casey

Amna Manzoor

Lahore, Pakistan

Amna is a visual artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. She graduated from National College of Arts in 2013 and participated in several art shows in Pakistan and across the border and won three Awards.

My body of work is an investigative exploration of the struggles, and conditioned behavior responses of women represented though delicate choices of references taken from nature. Flowers, colors, silk threads, and thorns carry in their own language the feelings of pleasure, pain, and love.

Cathleen Casey

Portland, Oregon

Cathleen is Other-abled from polio at age one > lesbian > senior [age 73] > Nez Perce. Specializing in artists books and botanical drawings en plein air.

Cathleen is attracted to social, political and cultural issues, creates artist books to inform, illuminate and send a message.