Pair 5: Vaiva Kovieraite and Santigie and Sapato Fofana-Dura

Vaiva Kovieraite


Master degree in Graphic arts in Šiauliai University (Lithuania) and Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland). I am a Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Printmaking Artist Association “Graphic i Vast” Gothenburg (SE). I participated in numerous international exhibitions around the world.

The current body of artwork includes mixed media which transforms into own technique. During the creative process I look for new and different ways of visual expression and a wider range of measures forming compositions.

Santigie and Sapato Fofana-Dura

Portland, OR USA

Santigie & Sapata Fofana-Dura design and build architectural creations using reclaimed industrial construction materials. The brothers have a keen eye for salvaging materials with unmatched color and texture, weathered by the elements into forms of rugged elegance and stoic beauty.

“TITLE: The Portal DEFINITION: Portal (from internet) Por-tal noun 1. a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one. 2. a website or web page providing access or links to other sites. adjective 3. relating to an opening in an organ through which major blood vessels pass, especially the transverse fissure of the liver.The view from here is a portal to there. “