Pair 4: Simona Mancheva and Gavin Eveland

Simona Mancheva

Kavadarci, North Macedonia

Simona Mancheva is a visual artist, has solo exhibitions and participates in art festivals, group exhibitions that primarily talk about human rights.

Her artistic interests are based on perceiving fictitious reality and even more the active morality in societies. Through her artistic research, she tries to portray and shake down our constrained prejudices and stereotypes that strengthen the boundaries of our freedom, and at the same time develop people’s awareness of the realization of their rights and satisfaction of their needs.

Gavin Eveland

Portland, USA

Gavin Eveland is a painter who shatters every notion of what the human form should look like. Scenes emerge with a compelling attraction that intermingles danger, intrigue, vulnerability, impulse, desire, passion, aggression, and a deep fascination with multiple facets of human nature.

I exist as a vibrant, unchained, and gnarly artist. Through drawing and oil painting I capture intense expressions, difficult to articulate, they are inner sensations anthropomorphized as they are excavated and brought to the surface.