An update from Cheolyu Kim and Kia Zora

An update from Cheolyu Kim and Kia Zora!

Earlier we saw some work-in-progress photos from Cheolyu building up a drawing on wood in red pen. Now Kia has responded with a similar beautiful sequence, echoing Cheolyu’s use of red on wood panel with a heart motif.

From Kia: “For this project I knew I wanted to create a piece that signifies interconnection. My collaboration partner’s pieces reminded me of just that. We all have a heart and are intrinsically connected through it. Metaphorically and physiologically, the heart represents the center of all things. I felt that this was an appropriate symbol to represent in these transformational times. We must change the ways in which we have been living, from the toxic capitalistic system that puts profit before nature and humanity to how we connect with ourselves and each other. We must move towards cooperation, vulnerability and togetherness. Listening to our hearts will help us get there.”

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