An update from Linde Ex and Jason Berlin

An update from Linde Ex and Jason Berlin!

This pair have been exchanging some really evocative images from their respective lives in lockdown. Here’s part 1:

From Linde:

“I’m working on an artistic research project about the way we used to live on man made hills in the landscape here in parts of the Netherlands. As you might know part of our country is below sea level, so in former days we build hills to live on when the sea was really high. I’m currently working on a future perspective of the landscape where these hills can become a possibility for future housing again, because of climate change.

“The other project I’m working on is about flying insects and how they live, move and experience the world.

“In the drawing I’ve used the hill as a hill to live in instead of live on. The roof is open so you can see the flying insects, the world outside, the possibility of freedom.The hill is a shelter, for me and my loved ones.”

From Jason: “In Oregon state we are starting the slow process of reopening things. I only see people or socialize at work.

“I was really inspired by your story of the hills as homes and flying insects. Your drawing reminded of the small ant circles or little mounds the ants make as home on the path to my job. In my mixed media painting the people working are wearing protective face masks and gloves as they work by there hill homes in some alternate universe or future. The mask are the same color as the mask and gloves I wear to work every day.”

From Linde: “I incorporated your ant hill in two ways. The flies come out of it as kind of a message…”

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