An update from Linde Ex and Jason Berlin

An update from Linde Ex and Jason Berlin!

This pair have been exchanging some really evocative images from their respective lives in lockdown. Here’s part 2:

From Jason: “This drawing is the view from here. My living room. This is my partner asleep on the couch. We are both essential works but my partner has only been working two days a week. He stays in the apartment the rest of the five days. When we have to go out or to work we wear gloves and a mask. There has been protest in America against people staying home, going out wearing a mask, and gloves and for America to re-open business. How are things in the Netherlands?”

From Linde: “I hope you are still ok. I thought your drawing of the living room was really beautiful and warm and intimate. I selected part of it with your partner and the stuffed animal? Bunny?

“I highlighted them first in photoshop and later as a drawing with a crayon marker on black paper. I thought it was interesting that they both have a soft white shape around them as if they are protected.”

From Jason: “I loved the highlighted face and bunny Peep you did in response to what I sent you.

“Peeps are a marshmallow candy and are supper popular during easter in the united states. We have a two stuffed bunny Peeps on our couch. There are very cozy or ( knus, or behaaglijk, ). I think it is fun to have the seven Peeps floating in the sky over the ant, mountain homes of the people are protective angels or super beings. “

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