Pair 14: Gabriela Ochalik and Anya Keyes

Gabriela Ochalik

Wrocław, Poland

I am a student of graphics and my main interests are illustration and linocut. I work as an illustrator in polish mental health foundations.

My illustration presents the way children can feel being locked down in their houses. Their beautiful imagination can turn the most ordinary situation into something wonderful.

Anya Keyes

Portland, Oregon

Growing up in Soviet-era Ukraine, Anya Mironets Keyes long dreamed of becoming a painter. After moving to the US and a decade dispensing pills in the pharmacy, she’s finally gotten to her dream job, sharing a studio with women artists in NE Portland and spending her days happily painting.

When I paint I intentionally leave the marks of the process in my artwork, incorporating paint runs and exposed underpaintings into the final product. By leaving space for undetailed segments, my hope is to give viewers space to fill in the gaps with their own mental image and imagination.