Pair 13: Steven Baelen and Thomas Duane

Steven Baelen

Ghent, Belgium

Steven Baelen fills sketchbooks with densely packed drawings of his immediate surroundings. These drawings breathe a homely, even intimate atmosphere.

Rooted in the passion to delineate my intimate surrounding by pencil on paper and later by charcoal on the wall, I have understood the drawing in its fragility & ephemerality, but I have been using exactly this value in order to enforce the power that a drawing material can produce.

Thomas Duane

Portland, Oregon

Tom is a former east coaster and Pratt Institute graduate who started his career as an illustrator in couture fashion. While his professional path has meandered in the world of tech and design, he feeds his passion for fine art by enjoying the west coast weather, capturing the beauty of the many breath taking trees and enjoying making art wherever he goes.

As a representational artist, I enjoy drawing the viewers’ attention to the visual rhythm revealed by light as it falls on seemingly chaotic textures; be it the branches of trees, the feathers on a bird, or the unruly hair of a Scottish Deerhound. I work in all mediums but tend to favor pen & ink and water color.;