Pair 12: Dimitra Bouritsa and Michael Smith

Dimitra Bouritsa

Athens, Greece

Born in 1988, she studied Architecture in National Technical University of Athens and Painting in Athens School of Fine Arts, having also done a one-year studies of sculpture in Arba-Esa of Brussels and taken scenography lessons in LSA. She has taken part in several group exhibitions and had her last solo show in Phoenix Athens gallery (December 2019-January 2020).

My work is about on relationships and societies, the essence of human existence and its relationship with nature and animals, focusing on women and their constructed image , their role and position among the centuries. These ideas are translated into images with a fairy tale atmosphere , creating paradox and allegoric sceneries.

Michael Smith

Vancouver, Washington USA

Michael is a native Pacific Northwest based artist and art instructor. Typically, he create narrative oil paintings focusing on stories exploring human emotions.

In trading images back and forth with Greek artist Dimitra Boureki, I wanted to create a piece reflecting parenthood, with ideas of love and protection, but juxtaposed with images representing the current threat from our environment. As we choose our circles, we are constantly reflective of the potential risk of our decisions.