Pair 11: Bella El Mekawy and Rosa Phoenix

Bella El Mekawy

Cairo, Egypt

I’m a self-taught intuitive oil painter, whose main topics are of soul healing, divine source and the universe. 2015 I quit 9-5, moved to Dahab, Sinai – Egypt deciding to focus only on spiritual healing & art to pursue a full time intuitive artist career.

“The painting already exists on the canvas for eternity of time, like an unspoken poem & I’m just guided to reveal it.” I consider my works which are between surreal and abstract to be the best way to express emotions and share my energy healing gift. I’m better known for my works on large-scale oil canvas, I start with picking a minimal palette, applying oil paint and allowing the painting to reveal itself in a healing dance of creation.

Rosa Phoenix

Portland, Oregon

Rosa Phoenix is a visual artist, educator and creativity coach in Portland, Oregon. Her artwork in watercolor, pen and ink is inspired by her love of Nature and the spirit within all living beings.

In my twenties, I had a near-death experience in the form of illness, and from that dark experience I re-emerged as an artist, teacher and healer. My art in watercolor, pen and ink illustrates my dream visions and the subtle energies that flow from the primary creative source, our Mother Earth.