Welcome to the View from Here, a project bringing artists all around the world into long-distance collaborations to share the way they’re experiencing the world, and lockdown!

With “social distancing” transforming our lives, the Elisabeth Jones Art Center is sponsoring an international collaboration that makes and nurtures connections between artists, in a creative re-interpretive challenge. We are pairing up artists all over the world, from Spain to South Korea to Russia, to share with one another something of “The View from Here” —the world as they are experiencing it in this chaotic time of COVID-19.

The artists work together by sending ideas and sketches back and forth digitally, and then create work based on the exchange and the other’s experience. This is a difficult thing to do! But at a time when many of us are feeling the impact of isolation, it has the potential to build rich, beyond-verbal connections right across the world, and allow us to band together in these uncertain times.

Pictures of the collaborative work in progress is being posted regularly on the blog!